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  • 1 year Junior Member

    Valid for one year
    • Junior members shall be under the age of 14
  • 1 year Adult Member

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    • Adult members shall be over the age of 14.
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    1 year Family Member

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    • 1 Family Membership
    • 1 NFAA membership
    • 1 Promotional Sign at range


Please consider donating to the Grand County Archers Association. The GCAA is a non-profit organization. Your donation helps in the up-keep of the 3D Archery Range, plus it enables us to continue to introduce the sport of archery to the public. Thank You.

How to pay by credit/debit card (without a paypal account)

YES, you can pay by credit card without a PayPal account and without registering with PayPal.


Follow the below instructions:

  1. Click on the “buy now” button above for the membership you are purchasing.
  2. Follow the PayPal prompts until you get to the Checkout Log in page. See below example.

  3. To pay without a PayPal account, click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button (at red arrow on example below) and then continue and finalize your purchase with your credit/debit card of choice.

paypal loging screen.png