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GCAA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1984 with the stated purpose “to foster and perpetuate all phases of archery with a spirit of good fellowship among fellow archers.” GCAA has been able to accomplish this purpose by offering a 3D archery range, free to the public to enjoy. Our 3D archery range is just one way that GCAA continues to help the art of archery grow. As a GCAA member, you are part of a community of like minded archers and bow hunters creating relationships that last a lifetime. Through these relationships we are able to pass on the traditions of archery to generations to come.  

With the help of the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District GCAA has been able to further instill our values of archery to the youth of Grand County and visiting guests.  FVMRD brings youth groups to the range for weekly classes supported and taught by GCAA officers and volunteers.  We believe that teaching youth discipline, determination, and life lessons through archery, will fulfill our organizations purpose.  


To help us perpetuate a passion for archery, please consider becoming and member or sponsor. Hope to see you on the range soon!

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Only because of our members and sponsors, GCAA is able to provide a free 3D archery range as a public service for all to enjoy. Our range is located on the Mary Jane side of Winter Park Ski Area in the Arapaho National Forest.


The 3D range starts at the Utah Junction parking Lot and traverses its way up the mountain. The course is made up of 28 - 3D targets starting at 9,800 FT. The range is designed so that there is something for all level of archers and ages. Unlike many other archery ranges, being on the Mary Jane Mountain, our hike through course will provide you with plenty of challenging shot opportunities that will surely test your archery skills. 


  • 28 target Range- Actual size 3D animal targets placed at a variety of different angles and distances. 

  • Sight in range with targets placed at 20 - 60 yards

  • Archery instruction to children in the Fraser valley coordinated through FVRMD archery clinics

  • New for 2020 - 3D archery shoots in months of June, July & August

  • New for 2020 - Thursday night members fun shoot

  • Spring and fall Mary Jane Mountain clean up  


Please consider donating to the Grand County Archers Association. The GCAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation helps in the up-keep of the 3D Archery Range, plus it enables us to continue to introduce the sport of archery to the public. Thank You.
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"No Challenge is too great for the motivated do-it-yourself public land bow hunter. 

Dream Bigger.  Achieve More."

- Cameron R. Hanes 

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